John Lyons

"I have been to Pinti's Place (Dorados on the Fly) 3 times over the past 4 years and in my 25 years of fly fishing in South America,  I have never encountered a more productive, more convenient, nor more comfortable venue for catching large Dorado and Pacu. He and his guides are World Class and I recommend Dorados on the Fly wholeheartedly"

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Peter Aravosis

Been fishing for 80 years, 30 countries, experiencing many of the finest operations available.

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Capt. Mark Cowan

If your goal is multiple species and larger fish, the High Parana is the best place to make a cast. Dorado, Pacu, and Pira Pita tend to be larger here than other areas, and the often clear waters of this tailwater provide site fishing opportunities; an unusual find on a river of this size.

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