The Fishing

The fishing

A typical day of fishing on the Rio Parana is broken into two fishing sessions: the morning (from 7:30 am to 12 noon) and again in the afternoon (from 3:45 pm until 9 – 10 pm).  Guests will return to the cool and air-conditioned lodge for lunch each day, followed by a well-deserved siesta–the obligatory Argentine afternoon time of rest. Fishing for Dorado on this river is most productive early and late in the day, though overcast days fish well all day long. As the sun gets high, it allows for anglers to stake out over white sand flats to sight-fish for cruising dorado much like you would for tarpon in Caribbean waters. The high sun also allows for anglers to hunt and sight fish for pira-pita and pacu that are often laid up under overhanging trees and bushes seeking shade and food. These fish are often taken with large dry fly patterns.

Sight fishing is the most enjoyable way to fish for golden dorado, pira pita and pacu. The Rio Parana certainly offers this style of fishing as it’s typically gin clear throughout the fishing season. However, searching the drop-offs and fishing to structure with streamers can be an excellent way to find big fish, and this river definitely holds them – fish within the 20-30 pound range are possible. The Parana is a huge body of water with an endless number of channels, flats, and structured banks to provide anglers with various options and locations to fish throughout the week without fishing the same location twice

Anglers will fish predominately with floating lines and lightly weighted streamer patterns, something that isn’t necessarily the case for a majority of dorado waters, as many destinations require heavy sink tips and heavily weighted flies. An eight weight is the choice rod for dorado on the Parana with a floating tropical line. The pira pita feed on large foam style dry flies along the banks and a six weight with a floating tropical line is preferred.  Pacu (known as the Argentine permit) are fruit eaters and are often pursued with a floating fruit fly along the banks and under the overhanging trees. Pacu are extremely selective and spooky, but Pinti’s guide team has the most effective techniques completely dialed in. 

Dorado in the area average six to eight pounds and anglers have legitimate opportunities at fish in the 30 lb. range, with a few rare fish in the 40 lb class.  In a week of fishing, proficient anglers can expect to find lots of action on all three species and have great chances of fish in the double-digit range.

Boats and Equipment 

Pinti’s Dorado on the Fly guides use 20 ft. panga-style boats that are very clean and set up perfectly for fly anglers. They fish 2 anglers at the same time while drifting the banks, sand bars, and seam lines. The guides use trolling motors and Push-poles to control the drift while keeping anglers in position.




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